RV Distribution Adapter NEMA TT-30P Male to 3X 5-20R

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Overview:[Cord Rating] 3 prong NEMA TT-30 Male Plug to 3X 5-15/20 amp T-Blade household Connectors, 30 amp to 110 adapter, 1 Feet with


  • [Cord Rating] 3 prong NEMA TT-30 Male Plug to 3X 5-15/20 amp T-Blade household Connectors, 30 amp to 110 adapter, 1 Feet with 4x10 STW gauge cable, Rated for 125V max rate 3750 watts. ETL Listed.

  • [Wide Compatibility] NEMA TT-30P Male plug into RV or generator power socket used for most household tools and electrical appliances, Used in RV plug, construction industries, RV camping, etc.

  • [Superior Quality Material] STW Jacket 4C all-copper wires in UL 62 standard, Molded plug-in UL 817 standards, Heavy-duty flame retardant.3X 5-15/20R female receptacle.

  • [Why choose us] Passed UL certification, Copper wire with flame-resistant PVC outer sleeve, The ergonomic handle eliminates frustration by assisting users in safely and conveniently gripping. Included accessories: Towel (for cleaning cables), strap, and storage bag for M1A2.

  • [Warranty Service] We can guarantee 12 months of money back and 24 months of quality warranty. If you have any problem with using the product, please contact us & you will get timely and friendly customer service. Your suggestion is the key to our optimized product design.


Who needs this adapter?

RV Owners: The primary user group consists of RV owners who require a versatile adapter to distribute power from their RV's 30-amp connection to multiple 15-amp or 20-amp outlets.

Camping Enthusiasts: People who enjoy camping with RVs, particularly those who camp with larger groups and need multiple power sources for various devices.

Outdoor Adventurers: Individuals who use RVs for extended outdoor trips, tailgating, or outdoor events where multiple power outlets are needed.

Group Camping: RV owners use this adapter to provide power to multiple devices, appliances, or other RVs when camping with friends or family in group settings.

Tailgating and Outdoor Events: Users take advantage of this adapter to power multiple devices, grills, TVs, or audio equipment during tailgating parties, sports events, or outdoor gatherings.

Construction Sites: Some customers may use this adapter in temporary construction site setups where multiple power tools need to be connected.

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RV Distribution Adapter NEMA TT-30P Male to 3X 5-20R(图4)